2015, GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS !!!!!

Today is July 1st. This is the first day of the registration period for church choirs to sign up to sing at the 2015 Festival of Choirs USA. The registration period runs from July 1st to August 1st.

There is a returnable twenty-five dollar registration fee. The fee is meant for helping us know how many choirs are entering this year’s Festival. After the registered church choir sings at the Festival the fee will be returned back to the church. It helps us greatly on knowing how to plan. Go online to www.festivalofchoirsusa.com

The Festival will be held on August 15th. Location is 807 Skinner Creek road, Port Allegany, Pa. 16743. The time line for the day is for the Festival to begin at noon and wind up around 6:00pm. There will be choirs singing, special groups and a lot of fun!
There will be food and drinks available during the Festival. This helps to support the Festival.

Please come to encourage and support the church choirs. Four part harmony in a choir can be life changing to a person listening. There is an anointing that God gives the choirs like there is an anointing that God gives the church leaders! Both working together can be dynamite!

Be BLESSED and see you there!!
Jerry Goochee

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