2015 Festival of Choirs USA

Where does the time go???? August 15th is the date for this year’s Festival.

Have not written much but that does not mean we have not been planning much. This year’s Festival of Choirs USA is going to be Great!

If anyone would like to give any free time ( if there is such a thing ) to helping the Festival this year please let me know. Many hands do make light work!!!

God Bless you and thank you all for Praying for the Festival!!!


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2015 Festival of Choirs USA

Thank you all for the support that you have given to the Festival of Choirs USA!! This will be our seventh year for the Festival! Time goes by sooooo fast!

It is great when I am out and someone comes up to me and says, “Aren’t you that guy that has the choir thing. We just love going to it!”

This year we have made a few changes. We will not be judging the choirs. From the beginning the judging was meant to encourage choirs to step up their choirs to be the best that they could be. We still want that. We just feel the choirs that enter will be more relaxed without the judging.

Please tell your church choirs and the congregations about the Festival. Encourage them to come to the 2015 Festival of Choirs USA this year. That way they can be an encouragement to people sitting out in the audience. Then other people can go back to their churches and encourage their choirs or to start one.

We will also be having guest groups like Simple Faith and others coming again to this year’s Festival.

The date is August 15, 2015. The time schedule will be from noon until six pm. There will be food and drinks available for purchase the whole day. This is also one of the ways we raise money for the Festival.

Please check out all of the tabs at the top of our home page for more information about the Festival of Choirs USA.

Thank you and God Bless You!!
Jerry J. Goochee

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Thank you to all of the people that came to the 2014 Festival of Choirs USA!! It was a full and Great Day. I had many people come up to me and say how much they enjoyed coming to the Festival this year.

The United Church of Christ from Arcade, N.Y. was the winner of the first group size.

The First Baptist Church of Port Allegany, Pa. was the winner of the second group size.

This was Andy and Barbara’s last year doing sound with us. They will be Greatly Missed. They have donated their time and expenses to the Festival many years. Such a Wonderful couple and Godly example to me in many ways!!!!

Thank you also to Simple Faith, C.R.O.W.N. and Chanee Starks for ministering in music and so MUCH MORE!!

Thank you to ALL of the great people who worked very hard and volunteered their time and energy to this year’s Festival!! The Festival would not have been if it hadn’t been for our Sponsors, Friends, Churches and EVERYONE else that helped out so much!!

I am already writing notes for next year. Please feel free to send me any comments to j.goochee@gmail.com

Be Blessed and highly favored!!!!!!
Jerry J. Goochee

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A Great Festival

Hi everyone!

I have been trying to catch up with everything. People have been asking about this year’s Festival that happened last Saturday. I will have a posting up soon.

Thanks again to so many!!!!!

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2014 Festival of Choirs USA schedule

2014 Festival of Choirs USA
807 Skinner Creek Road, Port Allegany, Pa. 16743
August 16, 2014

Noon – 1:00 Food, drinks and choir check in.
1:00 – 2:00 C.R.O.W.N. Singing group
2:00 – 2:15 First Baptist church choir of Port Allegany
2:15 – 3:15 Simple Faith Singing group
3:15 – 3:30 UCC’S church choir of Arcade New York
3:30 – 4:00 C.R.O.W.N Singing group
4:00 – 4:30 Simple Faith
4:30 – 5:00 Guest singer
5:00 – 5:30 Break
5:30 – 6:00 Finale with Jerry Goochee and the Awards presentations
There will be food available all day long.
There will also be a small yard sale from noon until 3:00 for the Festival


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2014 Festival of Choirs USA

Can you believe how fast the time goes by!! This is our sixth year for the Festival of Choirs USA! Please spread the word about the Festival.

The date and schedule for this year’s Festival is August 16th from noon until 7:00pm. The Festival is located at 807 Skinner Creek road, Port Allegany, Pa. 16743

August 1st is the last day for your church choir to register online for the 2014 Festival of choirs USA. To register a church choir online please click on the register tab at the top of this page. Fill out the information and you are all set. You can also print off the registration form and mail it to the address listed below. If your church has any questions please email or call me.

This is going to be another exciting year at the Festival. A full schedule after the registration cut off will be published for you to look at.

We will be having groups like Simple Faith, C.R.O.W.N and others this year also.

There will be lots of refreshments to choose from of all kinds.

Be Blessed and I am looking forward to seeing you all there.
Jerry J. Goochee
807 Skinner creek Road
Port Allegany, Pa 16743

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Festival of Choirs USA August 16, 2014

Hi everyone,

This year will be our sixth year for the Festival of Choirs USA. The time has flown by.

I was told that there are some church choirs that have grown because of the Festival. When I heard this I dropped to my knees and cried like a baby! I was so thankful to God that there were churches seeing the Festival as a tool to help their choirs grow and not as putting one choir against another.

Satan wants to destroy the church choirs. He knows about the anointing from God that they carry when they sing. The harmony that a choir has can almost be breathtaking at times. The blending of their voices creates a strong unity! Yes the work of practicing can be challenging, but it is soooo worth it!

I am having a hard time waiting until Saturday, August 16th this year. Please pray for a Great year for all of the church choirs that enter. Encourage your choirs. If your church doesn’t have a choir you have until August first to put one together from your church. For registration and more the tabs at the top will guide you through.

Please pray also for everything else that has to be done for this year’s Festival. The Festival is a free event that is open to the public. Come, enjoy and have a great time. Refreshments will also be offered.

The address for the Festival is:
807 Skinner Creek road,
Port Allegany, Pa 16743

Blessings and I can’t wait to see you all there!!
Jerry J. Goochee

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A Look Back At Our Last 5 Years

It is not too early to start planning for the 2014 Festival of Choirs USA. I have been blessed to have already heard from churches telling me that they are going to enter this year. The Festival is meant to inspire, equip and support the church choirs. To encourage churches that do not have choirs to consider how a choir could help their church.

The Festival is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for: Promoting public awareness of the need to reestablish and reinvigorate the choirs that were once in small town churches.

We are not a non-profit organization. Funding comes from private donations, free will offerings and our food sales. Some of our items are the chocolate chip cookies and pecan caramel popcorn.

This will be our sixth year. I am just as excited about this year as I have been in all of the last five years!

In the past years we have had guests like Andrea Hough from the TV show the Biggest Looser. She shared her great testimony! She encouraged people to not give up but to press on to the high calling that God has promised everyone through his word.Andrea

Artist and comedian Bob Stromberg shared his life experiences with us. What can I say? I still smile when I think of all that Bob covered that day. Bob also brought encouragement to the people in every way that he could!

Artist Nancy Borowski Recker kept us laughing and having a good time with all of her talents. Her life experiences and animations fit in perfectly!
Artist and singer Sandi Patty was with us. Because of travel snags she was late getting to the Festival. The crowd didn’t care about that and she sure made up for it. Sandi is a very personable and warm hearted woman.

Simple Faith, The Barr family, C.R.O.W.N and Marvin Caskey have also Richly Blessed the Festival!

In October of 2012 my back decided that it was going to rebel. In December of that year I had to have surgery. I have not physically worked since then. There were many people asking if there was even going to be a Fifth year Festival. I would answer, “By God’s Grace there will be” and by God’s Grace there was!!!

Each year I have rented the tent, staging and chairs from A 1 Rent-All in Olean, NY. Last year because of my health A 1 cut their price in half. 2012 F.O.C.U.S.A.(1)

Andy and Barbara Barrett have been coming each year from Chesapeake, Virginia to supply the sound system. Andy and Barbara donated all of their time and expenses.

Marsha and David Smith took care of the food service area. We also had a terrific team of volunteers that were second to none. There were many people that encouraged me that what God had put on my heart concerning the Festival was a Great Witness and encouragement.

I will be glad to answer any questions that you would like to ask me. You can email me at festivalofchoirsusa@gmail.com. Website is www.festivalofchoirsusa.com  and you can also call me at 757-630-1490. I want to make myself available to you all in any way that I can to help support your choirs.

Here are just a few of the choirs that I had pictures of.

Second place went to the Port Allegany's Saint Joseph's Episcopal Church DSCN1467First place went to the Smethport United Methodist Church Choir. Great job! DSC_0287

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Any suggestions?

We are in the planning stages for the 2014 Festival of Choirs USA. It will take place on August 16th. at 807 Skinner Creek Road, Port Allegany, Pa. 16743. I would really appreciate any and all comments concerning the Festival. The email address is  festivalofchoirsusa@gmail.com

We are really trying to listen so we can make it better each year in meeting the needs of the churches. Thank you all for you input. Jerry J. Goochee

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Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Please encourage your church choirs in this year’s holiday season! I would say that there would be quite a void without Christmas music. Tell them thank you for spending all of the time that they do to bring God’s word to you in song. 

It is not to early to start thinking about the sixth annual, 2014 Festival of Choirs USA. Getting choirs reestablished and encouraged in the churches is what the Festival is all about. No one knows how much even one word of a song or the harmony of it can effect a person in a great way. God created music to minister to people and be enjoyed. If you do not have a choir please consider getting one started. 

The Festival’s website is www.festivalofchoirsusa.com and we are also on facebook.

Andy and Barbara Barrett from AB Sound and Lighting provided the sound and lighting.

Andy and Barbara Barrett from AB Sound and Lighting provided the sound and lighting.on facebook. Have a Great Christmas season and enjoy what God has given you!!

God Bless you all,
Jerry Goochee

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