I have been hearing from people that they have not seen any flyers out about this year’s Festival of Choirs USA. This year we have run into not being able to post flyers in a lot of places where we use to. They say because of corporation rules. I am sure this is true but it hurts getting the word out about the Festival!! Advertizing is great but the cost of it is often not in our budget.

The Festival will be held at 807 Skinner Creek Road, Port Allegany, Pa. 16743. Date is August 15th. Time will be from noon until six pm. We will have refreshment available to help fund the Festival all day long.

We have made a change this year in that we are not judging the choirs. The judging from the beginning was to sharpen the choirs and not to pit one choir against another.

Please spread the word around for us. It is really important that the choirs get restored back into the churches again where they once were. The harmony of bass, tenor, alto and soprano in the choirs can be life changing!! Please contact me here or 757-630-1490 with any questions.

Jerry Goochee.

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